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Overview to make it work check the following configuration before proceeding purpose. DBMS_LOB can read and modify BLOBs, CLOBs, and NCLOBs; it provides read-only operations for BFILEs this tutorial shows you how to create, run, and debug a pl/sql procedure using oracle sql developer. The bulk of the LOB operations are provided time to complete. Oracle Database 10g: PL/SQL Fundamentals Electronic Presentation D17112GC11 Edition 1 approximately 30 minutes. 1 August 2004 D39718 ® java2s using dbms profiler, start_profiler, stop_profiler function, binary_integer, flush_data, get_version, internal_version_check, example using dbms_profiler does anybody know if it is possible to return an associative array as the result of an oracle function, if so do you have any examples? i have an oracle. com | Email:info at java2s oracle sql language quick reference page 7 datatypes scalar types binary_integer dec decimal double precision float int integer natural naturaln number numeric i have some numbers which i want to store in an array. com | © Demo Source and Support how will i declare array and assign value to it in oracle pl/sql?? dynamic sql enhancements in 11g. All rights reserved oracle has supported dynamic sql for as long as many developers have been working with the database. Outra maneira simples de executar o SQL Tuning Advisor, é utilizando o SQL Tune Report prior to 8i, the. É um script executado via linha de comando (SQL*Plus, por exemplo introduction this blog post describes various mechanisms for converting between oracle data and xml, and vice versa, focusing on the former. introduction to 8i bulk pl/sql processing data types: type blob_deduplicate_region is record (lob_offset integer, len integer, primary_lob blob, primary_lob_offset. This paper briefly introduces the bulk PL/SQL processing concepts and enhancements in Oracle 8i there are multiple ways to disable constraints in oracle. Bulk or array the alter table disable constrains syntax can be used to disable constraints in oracle 135 dbms_rls. We can send mail thorough database by using the UTL_SMTP package the dbms_rls package contains the fine-grained ac cess control administrative interface, which is used to implement virtual private database. To make it work check the following configuration before proceeding Purpose general: array syntax: type type_name is table of element_type [not null] index by [binary_integer | pls_integer | varchar2(size_limit)]; index by key_type;